Buying astro a40 and probablly buying a new soundcard but which one?

Hi, Im going to buy the astro a40 soon and i was wondering what sound card i should get, and i have a 875 watt PSU and my raedon hd 6990 uses 750W ive seen some cards but they need a 4 pin connector for power which i checked and i have but i dont know how much power some cards will pull and if they will mess with my computer.

Please tell me which card to get for the ddl and for no OS or BIOS issues.

Thank you
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  1. i think i might get HT | OMEGA CLARO II but how much power does it need or any pins ?
  2. How about the new A50?

    Just the headset or the mixamp too!?

    Your 6990 does not use 750W, it only uses around 330W.
  3. i was thinking about a50 but i rather not use wireless and there are glitches to their "new" release. And yes im gettin the mixamp too but i was told you cant have real 5.1 sound without a 5.1 capable sound card. All the reviews on that sound card were good, but i want to make sure thats a good one or if there are any others because all the other ones had a driver problem or blew up someones "ASUS" astros.
  4. will that sound card fit in?

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    The mixamp replaces the soundcard, if your motherboard can do 5.1 surround you can plug the mixamp in via optical cable. (I run my setup with an optical cable from my mixamp to my mobo)
  6. is there real any difference if im just really gonna game and use spotify?
  7. There shouldn't be that big of a difference, if you have the spare money I would change your case.
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