Micro Center Bundle Deals. What is best for me?

Now I'm not sure if these bundles work for Intel processors, but here they are for the AMD processors. They're Processors+Motherboard. I'm willing to go to $160-170 if need be for the bundles.


I was considering getting the AMD FX6100 processor with the M5A97 motherboard.

If you guys have better suggestions, hit me.

Will be using the processor for gaming and it will be paired with the Radeon HD 6870.

I DO slightly prefer AMD processors. I plan to overclock a little with the stock fan and then when I want to OC some more I'll buy a nice $20 heatsink.

Do you guys have any better suggestions for me?
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  1. You mean the 6300? I'd certainly go with that CPU, probably the best value of any CPU out there! I don't know about microcenter but the fx 6350 is coming out very soon at exactly the same price as the 6300, but with microcenter you might as well stick with the 6300. As for the motherboard its good, just remember no SLI support for if you ever go to nvidea but shouldn't matter! Good luck!
  2. Man I wish I had an MC near me. Just $40 more buys you the 8350. Thats only $20 more per core! Hard to turn down imo but then I do render/edit videos and would actually put them to work. LOL
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