Rate my first gaming rig and pc!

Recently ordered all of the parts. Should be here next week!!

CM storm enforcer case and an extra 200 mm fan
i5 2500k with 212 plus for minor OC
Asrock extreme3 gen3
Sapphire 7950 OC edition
Ocz 650 W psu
asus typical optical drive
seagate 1t 7200 RPM HDD
Asus cant remember model 24 inch LED 1080p monitor

This rig is for BF3 and D3. How is the real world performance of the 7950 in Bf3 multiplayer? I figured at 399$ I might as well up the budget on the card.
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  1. Only thing I don't like is the OCZ PSU. I'd say 9/10, well done!
  2. originally went with corsair but 48 hour sale on newegg I got it for 45$ lol. Thanks now the real issue, assembly when it all gets here!
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