GTX 680 SLI now... or new system later?

Hey guys,

I've got a machine, specc'd as follows:
X68 SLI FTW mobo
C2Q 6700 @ 3.8ghz on water (Thermochill PA180, Apogee GTZ, Laing D5 w/ vario)
4gb of Fatal1ty DDR2 (1600)
2x GTX 260 c216 - both overclocked, don't remember the numbers
OCZ 780w Modular PSU
74Gb raptor, 250Gb "downloads" drive, 1Tb "Storage" drive

And I'm really at a sort of decision point. I feel like my processor never really gets taxed, but that I'm running up against a wall with only 4Gb of RAM. I can afford to put together a new machine if I really want to (I'm considering piecemeal upgrade structure - an SSD here, pair of GPUs there, etc) but I'd prefer not to drop that kind of money all at once if it isn't going to benefit me the most.

My current thinking has been to grab a pair of GTX 680s in the next two or three months and wait for Ivy Bridge to bring down the prices of LGA 2011 setups. What I'm wondering is if I'm going to be bottlenecking the 680s with the current setup and I should simply do the upgrade all at once or not.

Thoughts? I'm not really concerned about the cost - I'm planning on spending 3k on a new machine sooner or later, anyway.

EDIT: Resolution to be played at is 5760x1200 - I run 3x24" monitors and am not willing to give those up - which has been a problem in trying to find something with enough VRAM to make framerates playable. Currently, STEAM Engine games (Portal 2, L4D2, etc) are what I can get away with, but I want to be able to play things like The Secret World or Mechwarrior Online in triple monitor glory.

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  1. Gtx 680 are currently out of stock

    if you buy when in stock buy one gtx 680 as 2 x 680 will need 850w psu.

    So while upgrading to ive bridge get a 850w psu or pc power and cooling silencer mkii 950w 80+ silver psu.

    And then get another 680.

    A gtx 680 can run upto four monitors and will be faster than your current setup.

    Still get one and think of getting another one if fps decrease considerably.
  2. GTX 680 SLI needs 850w, I think not, it does need about 53Amps on the 12v rail/s to be available though.
  3. lucuis said:
    GTX 680 SLI needs 850w, I think not, it does need about 53Amps on the 12v rail/s to be available though.

    And my OCZ 780w ModXStream produces 80A on the 12V rails, so I have a plenty big margin to work with. The PSU will not be a problem.
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