Good Case on a Budget, with expansion in mind

I have a Dell case right now, and plan on moving my current setup to a new case.

My current one has a Micro ATX board. I plan on getting an i5 2500k, not sure which mobo yet. I might get a standard ATX board, but I'm not concerned about that at the moment.

At the most, the case should accommodate up to a standard ATX, since I haven't decided on ATX or Micro ATX yet. I have two DVDR/CDRW combo drives, and only one HDD. I plan to get a SSD too. So I don't need it to hold a ton of drives. If it does, not much of a big deal tho.

Of course I need mic and headphone jacks in the front, and I prefer two USB drives in the front. I want it to be pretty cool, I probably won't be doing enough gaming/OCing where I'd need liquid cooling. So I want some spaces for fans when I feel like putting them in. Eventually I will OC, so I do need some extra fan spots.

LEDs don't really matter to me, nor do glass plates. I don't need anything too fancy.

I have been looking at the CM HAF 912 and the Anted 300.

I would like to stay under 50 dollars, but I'm open to any suggestions :)

Thanks <3

EDIT: Forgot to say, as of now I only have 1 PCIe device, my GPU. It's not much (Radeon 6670) but eventually I might upgrade to one that would use more room
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  1. Any ideas? Also, I think I'm going to go Micro ATX on this build (considering I won't use crossfire/SLI, and I don't have much use for the extra PCIe slots.
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    The Antec Three Hundred is a very popular pc case with gamers on a tight budget. The Three Hundred and its big brother Nine Hundred are all time best sellers
  3. I was planning on buying the 300. What I like about it is the no-nonsense design and how easy it is to clean. I'm probably going to get that unless I can find something similar for a lower price
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