How to get rid of a non-existent drive

Recently after a "black screen" crash, my computer re-started. All but one of my external drives had different letters, and there was a "ghost" drive using the letter of one them. This drive J is shown as a removable disk, but isn't really there; clicking on it gets the message "insert a disk..."
My former drive J has now become K and K has become N, etc.
The Ghost Drive J does not appear in the Disk Management window, so I can't change its letter, which prevents me from changing the other drives back to the correct letters. I can't find information on how to get rid of this drive J. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
(A suggestion on another site to use RIGHT CLICK/EJECT did not solve the problem)
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  1. If you open up the Device Manager and click on Disk Drives, is the "ghost" drive showing in the list? If it is, try right-clicking on it and either select uninstall or disable.
  2. The Device Manager doesn't show drive letters, but it does not appear that it is there
  3. That might be a memory card slot or something.
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