CPU bottlenecking GPU. Your story.

I got a pretty good bottleneck. Just got a Radeon 7950 and love it. The bad thing is:
GPU load = Max of 30%
FPS = 15-30
Graphics maxed out on Crysis 2, the Witcher 2, Skyrim
CPU 100% all the time with sound cracking up.
CPU *GASP!!!!!* Athlon X2 at 1.9GHz LOL
Yes this must be the ultimate example of a CPU bottleneck.
Does anyone have a bottleneck as bad as me or worse? Tell everyone. :P
PS. Yes I will be getting a new CPU as my GPU is running more like a 4870 with the CPU i got now.
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  1. I have an HD 6870 which seems to be bottlenecked by my Phenom II 1035t x6 @ 2.6GHz.

    I'll have it replaced by the end of the year with a 3570k, the annoying thing is by the time I do replace it, I'll have had this
    setup for almost a year.

    All games that aren't CPU intensive run fine. If the map is too big or there are too many players/npc's on the screen I lag.
  2. Gtx 460 SLI on a PCIE Gen 1 board, with a C2D @ 4GHz.

    Beat that.
  3. CPU is a bit of a bottle neck..
    AMD Sempron 3500+ (again) 2GHz..
    Nvidia/inno3d GT430 1GB
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