New gaming system.

I will soon be buying a new system for gaming.
CPU: Intel i7 3770k
MEMORY:16gb Corsair Vengeance
MB: Asus Maximus V, Z77 Express
PSU: Corsair Professional Gold 850W
SSD: Intel 520 Series, 240GB, SATA3

Which graphics card to choose? Thought about GTX680, but which brand should i choose? I have also thought about that maybe a cheaper card could do if the 680 was overkill?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Well the 680 could be a bit over kill depending on what games you will be playing but over kill isn't always a bad thing. As far as brand goes, there aren't really any certain ones that you should look out for/avoid but I would say EVGA is always the best bet when it comes to nVidia cards. Once it is in stock, or if you can find it somewhere else:
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