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Hello all you smart people out there,

I'm trying to expand my network... short version is that I got a device (Airave) from my wireless phone carrier (Sprint) that's supposed to boost the Sprint signal that I get in the house (I get no signal inside at all).

The Airave is supposed to plug in directly to the DSL modem. The problem is that I only have one outlet on the back of the DSL modem (an older unit, provided by Windstream).

Before I screwed it up it was set up as follows: DSL Modem>Linksys Wireless Router>and then connected to the Linksys via ethernet were a desktop computer and a hardwired older Buffalo wireless router (to extend the wireless network), and various wireless devices as needed (smart phones, laptops, Kindle, etc.).

So, I purchased an ethernet router (not a switch) to connect to the DSL modem to give me more ports. (There are also 2 LAN ports on the back of the Airave, unused for now.) The current order of devices is DSL Modem>ethernet router>and coming out of the ethernet router are the desktop computer, the wireless router, the Airave, and a spare ethernet cable to hook up to the laptop since the wireless isn't available.

And now the wireless is not working. Everything plugged into the ethernet router works, I can get out to the Web, if I'm hard-wired.

So, two questions, really:

1. should I have gotten a switch, and

2. if not, what order should these items be connected to each other? Both the Linksys wireless router and the ethernet router have the same IP address--which may be significant as well.

(As an aside, does anyone have any experience with Best Buy's networking folks? Should I just have them come in and setup/fix my network?)

Please let me know if you need more info. And THANK YOU for your help.
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  1. Why don't you just plug the Airave into a local port on the Linksys Wireless Router? If you ran out of ports, you need a network switch.
  2. Good point. I tried that, with no success. The Airave has a router in it too, which I suppose is why it wants to be the first out of the modem. I found some detailed instructions in the Sprint forums on how to set it up so that it'll work when added to a router. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

    The primary reason for having the Airave NOT be the first thing in the chain is because it takes forever to reboot, and I have to reboot my modem all the time (well, a couple times a week on average). So I don't want to have to wait for it to do its thing every time. Takes up to two hours. Also, it has only two ethernet ports and I don't know if I can put the wireless router on it either.

    Anyway, I'll post back my results. In the meantime, any advice is appreciated.

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