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I'm at a loss as to what to do. I've been through numerous articles on google and haven't found anything. I'm hoping you guys can help.

I've been using the on board video card for my HP desktop since I got it, and finally coughed up the extra money for a new Raedon HD 6770. A friend of mine had a spare power supply that he was able to give me (750w) and I installed both without any hassle. Problem was that when I turned on my computer, I was getting a pretty dodgy internet connection, it took an abnormally long time to download the drivers from AMD's website or whatever. Either way it finished, I was happy, installed, and restarted. Then my computer was unable to find ANY wireless connections, even though my laptop, phone and PS3 were all connected to the network. After a few minutes and a few restarts I was able to connect to one for about five-ish minutes with horrible connection, and then it spiraled into an inability to find a wireless connection again. Graphics card is in the pci-e slot, and I guess the networking card is in a mini pci-e?

Steps I've taken:

I've tried re-seating the video card, just to make sure that there wasn't any issues with that. I was actually able to log onto WoW for a few minutes and I could tell that the graphics card was working fine.
I've taken the video card completely out. My hope was that with the video card gone my settings would revert back to normal since they were completely fine before installing the card. This was not the case.
Upon not being able to connect to the internet still, I sat on skype with my friend while we ran through some stuff that I didn't understand. We looked at IRQs (both wireless and graphics cards were there, but the numbers were high, like 4xxxxxxxxxx, and one ended in 2 and the other in 3 - he found this weird) we checked the BIOS settings to see if anything could be changed there (found nothing) I un-installed and system restored like a mad woman. There were no flags in the device manager of any sort, and it was only until (and I don't know if this actually fixed it) I 'deleted' both the wireless network and the video card in the device manager and had my computer re-install them that I had an internet connection back, and although it's listed as 'poor' on my computer, it's working absolutely fine on my end.

Things I've read it might be:

My friend has suggested that perhaps the pci-e slot for the video card is overriding the mini pci-e slot for the network card. Another person I talked to said that there might be something about the power supply not working correctly, however everything on the computer is working fine -except- the wireless, so I have no idea why the psu would be so picky towards that. I run on wireless since the router is two rooms away, and would be willing to spend the however many dollars on an ethernet cord (50ish ft) if I knew that it would work. However I'm slightly afraid to even re-install the video card because I dont want to sit there and fiddle with stuff for three hours just to get a somewhat stable internet connection back. Someone also suggested trying a usb wireless adapter, but again, I dont want to spend the money if there's a chance it might not work.

If any of you can think of anything that might I'd be most grateful. I'm used to getting shafted on computer issues and can mostly deal with them, but this one has me (and a few others) stumped.
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  1. Deffinatly a driver issue. I had a problem where my wireless usb receiver would read my home network as WEP when it was WPA after the computer woke up from sleep mode- which it then would not let me connect to it. So from there, I reinstalled the drivers for the receiver and wala, everything is fine and dandy again. Do not rely on windows drivers, always always install the latest and official drivers from the company.
  2. Is there another PCIe x1 slot available that you can move the NIC to?
  3. A driver issue on which end? When I had installed the video card, I downloaded the AMD drivers from their website, not windows'. The only time I let windows find the drivers was when I deleted/uninstalled the onboard video driver (after I messed with it) and the network card. Are you suggesting I try to track one of those down from say the HP website?

    I'm sure there's another PCIe slot available, but from my understanding my network card is a mini PCIe so it needs some sort of adapter? Definitely worth trying, but I want to try all the 0 cost methods first.
  4. What is the model of your HP Desktop system?

    Thanks guys for looking into this :) I really appreciate it.
  6. The latest driver for the Ralink RT3092 wireless card is from November 23, 2011.

    With the graphics card installed try clearing the CMOS settings. This should reset the hardware resource assignment to each device.

    If you were to use an Ethernet cable it would be using the PCI Realtek RTL8105E chip on the motherboard.
  7. Okay, I installed the driver you linked.... internet actually went up a bar (was sitting at 1, now is 2), the program that came with it says I'm actually sitting at 65% (whatever that means) and my MS on wow is hovering at 50. It's been about 20 minutes now and it hasn't changed, so I'm HOPING that that fixed it. I guess we'll see how it fares for the rest of the night. I think either way I'm going to be seeing about ordering a super long ethernet cord just to be on the safe side.
  8. :( so it worked fine for about a day or so and then went kaput on me. Windows did an update, but it worked fine for many hours (like 12+) after it did before it decided to die out on me. Anyone have any other suggestion?
  9. Yes. There was a regularly scheduled Windows update that was pushed out yesterday.

    Have you tried reinstalling that latest driver?
  10. This is just an idea but maybe the video card is causing interference with Wi-Fi signal but either way just go to and buy a 50 footer for like $12 bucks.
  11. Yup. Twice :( I've got a 'poor' signal strength now, and as soon as I open up any graphic-involving program, it drops off to nothing. I honestly think I'm going to have to just buy something that helps me get around this, but I have no clue what that might be =/
  12. I'm just wondering if that I do get an ethernet cable, if I'll have the same problem. I actually work for a place that sells computer stuff so I get a discount (ie not waiting for mail lol) but I dont want to have to spend money for it not to work.
  13. It should work. Different drivers, different controller, no wireless signal.
  14. Nimaroo said:
    Yup. Twice :( I've got a 'poor' signal strength now, and as soon as I open up any graphic-involving program, it drops off to nothing. I honestly think I'm going to have to just buy something that helps me get around this, but I have no clue what that might be =/

    That tells me that the RF interference given off by the graphics card is causing havoc with the wireless card that is mounted right close to it.
  15. So wireless just kind of screwed? Someone I had talked to suggested a mini pci-e to regular pci-e thingie, that would let me plug it into one of the other slots that I have.. but if it's already not working, I'm wondering if that wont work as well.
  16. Is the wireless card screwed down to the motherboard?
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