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I recently build my computer with these build: . When I plug my headphone into the case's headphone slot, the quality and volume of the sound was bad. But when I plug in my headphone in the back I/O panel Front speaker (Lime color), the quality and volume is way better. My question is what connector from the case/slot of the mobo is where the case's headphone jack plugged in so that I can try to fix it? Or may it be the setting on my computer?
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  1. Could you maybe clarify your question?

    Are you asking where the plug for the case's 9-pin audio connector wire goes? Because you should have something plugged in there. It could be that

    A) You don't have the proper sound drivers installed,

    B) Maybe some Bios and/or Chipset updates will fix that, or

    C) The case has a bad connector,

    D) You plugged something in wrong (i.e. you didnt plug the front HD audio up, or you had it upside down somehow, for example?)

    I wouldn't say C is likely, but its possible. Try checking A, B, and D first.
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