I have two questions

Okay, so I just bought a bunch of new components to overhaul the 3 computers in my house, but I have a couple questions that I haven't been able to find definite answers for.

One - Do I have to format the HD in my computer before installing my new motherboard and CPU, or can I keep the same OS install with all my games and files? I've found various answers to this question but would like to know for certain before I start. The new motherboard and CPU are different from what I have now. I've always just formatted and reinstalled everything, but I can't find my old windows xp discs and I have the upgrade version of windows 7.

Which brings me to my second question...

Two - If I only have the three license upgrade retail version of Windows 7 home premium, can I use a friend's retail full install disc to install windows, then just use my activation code? I've misplaced my old windows xp discs and don't want to have to buy 3 new copies of windows 7.

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  1. I would buy another hard drive and install on that (maybe an SSD) but that's just me. It's probably always better to have a new clean install with windows.
    As to your second question look here:
    hope this helps.
  2. Thanks. =) The HD I have is nearly new, so I'll just do a clean install over it. Found that I can do a clean install of win 7 from the upgrade disc, trying to find a way to do so legally without the win xp discs that I lost.
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