Hello, gentleman,

I am from India...

my pc config is too low for the latest games.


C2D 2.0 ghz processor, mercury PI945GCM MOBO, 512 mb RAM, 100 GB HDD... NO GRAPHIC CARD..
Now please guys guide me with the upgrade that I should be doing in this machine... Thank You
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  1. hmmm that all need total upgrade and need more budget ? how much??
  2. As i am in India, i wud say INR 10,000 or something..
  3. that ' all just first calculation in your country :

    your current :
    RAM : Transcend DDR2 2 GB PC RAM (JM667QLU-2G) Rs. 1554
    HDD : WD 500GB Caviar Blue HDD Price – Rs. 2,050/-
    VGA : GT220 Rs. 4190 /
    Zotac Nvidia Geforce Gt 520 = http://cheapestinindia.com/price/zotac-nvidia-geforce-gt-520-gone-signature-edition-zt-50609-10m-1024-gddr3-graphics-card-1669717

    or more yesss ...
    cpu core i32100 = rs 6000
    ASRock H61M-HVGS Motherboard Rs. 2730
    Corsair 2x2GB DDR3 CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 RS 2000
    WD 500GB Caviar Blue HDD Price – Rs. 2,050/-
    check in price india
    you must calculation it by your self :D and maybe other user will give you more good speck and cheaper
  4. You are an ADDICT... good research there... man... Thanks for the help.... i will consider these options... Thanks again...
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