Diablo 3 / BF3 New build help picking parts

Approximate Purchase Date: (A.S.A.P)

Budget Range: (e.g.: 800-1100) Before / After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: (D3 and BF3 max settings)

Parts Not Required: (mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (newegg.com or trusted sites)

Country: USA

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe later

Monitor Resolution: (Not sure but will be using 54" Panasonic 3d plasma tv)

Additional Comments: (Looking for best bang for buck while still keeping the future in mind)

Been doing tons of research and looking at other builds and so far this is what i have got. No hdd picked yet but I think i will get a SSD. So some suggestions for that would be nice. Wondering if the gtx 570 hd 2560mb is worth getting or if getting 2 different cards and doing sli or crossfire. Any suggestions to get more for my dollar or to get a better item for a similar amount would be great.

Fixed link (hopefully)
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  1. Does no one have any tips? Some of the newegg promos end thursday so i want to get everything squared away before then.
  2. wish list is empty
  3. works fine for me... i wonder what could be the problem.
  4. you have the link as you would see it, with you logged in.

    what the title of the public wish list, then maybe i we can find it.
  5. title is d3 pc list
  6. Fixed link i think
  7. Well the corsair psu 80 after mir. Is seasonic worth extra 30 to get?

    Still on the fence for gpu. I'd rather not spend more than the 570 hd I have selected, but if there is something cheaper that's worth it. And is the 2560mb memory worth the money? Or should i go with the gtx 6xx? All I know is I want it to look amazing on my 54" tv.
  8. Promo ends today on psu can anyone let me know if it worth the extra 30?
  9. i would say get a 7850 so if you want to xfire you can still do so with a great 650 watt psu
  10. shirowrx said:
    Promo ends today on psu can anyone let me know if it worth the extra 30?

    Gold rated PSUs will cost more up front but are more efficient. You will recoup the extra costs by saving on your electricity bill.
  11. Current wishlist is what i have just ordered. Thanks to everyone who helped.
  12. Look into getting a monitor made for gaming. Something with a 2ms or less response time. The plasma tv probably won't be the best but I guess okay for temporary use.
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