S27a950d help please

I just got my s27a950d very happy with it with working the xbox but main reason I got it was for the 3d movies.

I want to connect my laptop (hp g62) to the monitor and play movies from it in 120hz.

now ive read that 120hz can only be done in dual link dvi or display port?

this is where my problem is!

my laptop only has hdmi and rgb slots and when connecting the monitor to the laptop i am only getting 60hz :(

really want to get the fully potentail after paying £600 for a monitor and only getting 60hz!

I bought a dual link to hdmi adaptor from maplins and that didnt work i still only got 60hz? maybe i need to do something on laptopto make it 120hz?

anyone help please thanks in advance
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  1. Well i'm guessing your laptops only supports HDMI 1.3 which doesn't support 120Hz 3D screens. You would need either display port, Dual link DVI or HDMI 1.4 to achieve that.

    Sorry, but the problem is your laptop. Not even a dual link to HDMI adapter will work.
  2. am a bit of a noob to things like this but wud i be able to buy a graphics card to fit into my laptop ??
  3. What kind of laptop do you have?

    The short answer will be "no" to upgrading your GPU to achieve the 120Hz 3D effects.
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