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ATI Radeon HD 5700 Running Hot

Good morning all,
I've been having some stuttering while I play World of Warcraft as of late. I've exchanged the CPU because of other issues and was hoping that it was related, but apparently I couldn't have been so lucky o.0
When the game started getting choppy again last night (though I was running 50-70 FPS) I decided to check my GPU temp with AMD Vision Control Center and found that it was running at ~92 degrees. I disabled the default Overdrive, which to seem to help the choppiness a little, but the temp remained unchanged. I then left the game and within two minutes the temp dropped down to 55 degrees and seemed to remain idle at that temp. I've cleaned the card out recently and made sure it's clear of wires, but is there anything else I can do before assuming the card is a lost hope?
If it helps, here is my DXDiag
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  1. the hd 5700 doesn't exist .
  2. What do you mean? Physically, it does exist and according to my DX it exists in my system as well...
    Card name: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
  3. 5770? check gpu z here:
    then tell us what you have and we can help you but it could be because there is dust in your cooler try cleaning it (not vacuming it) if you have compressed air or a compressor?
  4. Derp, I'm sorry. Yes, 5770. That picture I linked in my last reply is the exact model i have.
    I clean my computer regularly and when I replaced my CPU I did clean out the vents and fans on the GPU with compressed air.
  5. 92 c is definitely too high.
    What are your other temps- CPU/board etc. Check with core temp..
  6. 55Range said:
    92 c is definitely too high.
    What are your other temps- CPU/board etc. Check with core temp..

    Last night when the GPU was at 92 my water cooled CPU was at 37 and my mobo was ~47. This was roughly after two hours of being logged in the game, mostly idle in a major city.
  7. Does your case have good air flow or is anything blocking the GPU fan intake or exhaust? If you run with the side panel off your case and the temp drops a lot, you'll know pretty well that it is an air flow issue.
  8. It is in a somewhat contained area but I've been sure to leave some space. I'll try running with the side off. Unfortunately I can't have my side fan attached due to space issues, but I have three other fans running. If your suggestion works I guess it's time to get a new desk with more room!
  9. I'm running a GTX560 at 87-92 while gaming. with pannel open. but I barely have any fans inside.
  10. I removed the side panel closest to my video card and it actually ran hotter!
    I'm not sure if it's coincidence or no but it climbed to 97-98 C.
    Any other ideas before I assume I need to replace it?
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    Well, yeah. Take the card out of the case, unscrew the shroud, and check the heatsink out for dust clogs. I know you said you clean it, but if you don't take the shroud off you can't really tell if it's truely clean or not.

    If it is clean, then you'll probably want to take off the heat sink and redo the thermal paste. You should be able to buy some MX-3 for like $10 at any PC hardware store.
  12. Okay. I could probably handle that...anything to save some money :)
    Thanks for the advice, I'll report back if that doesn't help.
  13. im sure that will help.
  14. how old is it?
  15. I want to say about a year and a half. Bought it on sale two Black Friday's ago.
    I guess I didn't know a video card could be taken apart; I'd assume it's all on lock down. It's good to know that's not the case!
  16. Just wanted to update in case anyone else looking for help stumbles upon this thread...
    I removed the shroud and the heat sink was completely caked in dust.

    I went from 92-98 C and 88% fan speed after two minutes of gaming
    to 50-60 C and 44% fan speed.

    Thanks for the advice!
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  18. Hey nice, yeah I found out the hard way that dust can and will clog up and kill a GPU. Happened to my 8600GT.
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