AMD phenom x4 955 be core @ 200 degrees ??!

Hi all,

Making this post in much anticipation. Yesterday I had removed the stock heatsink of my phenom x4 955be (no OC'ing done) to blow some air into it and get the dust lumps removed between the fins. Later, just replaced the heat sink (although it did strike my mind to re apply some arctic silver thermal compound - I did not)

Carefully, saw the cpu/core temparatures in Speedfan and they were safe below 40C. But then today after about 45 mins of working on the PC, I was totally taken aback seeing the temp's. Is this even possible ???? The CPU was @ 36C and the core was @ ... 257C ?? (Two Hundred Fifty Seven degrees)
I have just shut down the computer after seeing this & don't want to even think about switching it on.

Would you please assist me ?
- Please tell me that Speedfan on my system is showing the wrong temp ! Has the core suffered enough damage now ? If the temp was real how was the PC running fine? & how did the PC not get switched off ?
The thermal paste was still visible and did not look it needed to be replaced.. (Read in this forum that this would be optional only when replacing the heat sink)..

Many thanks in helping me switch the PC On again.. 256 degrees. my god I still cant believe..
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  1. Must be some fault in Speedfan - have you tried another program ?
  2. No i haven't as Im way too afraid to even switch on th PC !
    Can I switch it on and try measuring it with coretemp ?
    I see it being recommended on this forum.

    I just dont want to cause any damage to my computer !
  3. If the proc get to hot it will shut down automaticaly (or throtled if u turn on C&C)..

    I think the temp reading goes wrong.

    edit : when u turn off the pc, did u touch the heatsink is it hot?
  4. Yes, it was not "hot" but rather the usual "Warm"..
    btw, what is C & C ?
  5. He means cool'n'quiet....
    Basically underclocks the CPU on idle to save power and to reduce heat..
  6. I do use the Asus EPU that controls the fan speed and has various power settings as per the load. does this also do throttling or should I install C&C ?
  7. Every amd proc had it, so don't need to install, it was automatically activated on bios except if u disable it (O.C. -er)

    It's quite strange temp reading, but i think it was software/sensor error.
  8. Any idea where to enable/disable on the BIOS ? I tried searching around but could not find..
  9. not familiar with non- gigabyte mobo, so cannot help u there...

    but i'm sure cpu nowdays had temp protection. i once had pentium D that hit (thermal limits) temp 100 C, it just turn off (and before that it lags every things)

    It still works till i sold it, in fact proc is one of sturdiest component of cpu...
  10. Yeah that reading must be off, unless your bios config is messed up and doesn't have an auto shutdown feature. But just to be safe, you should take your heatsink off and remove all thermal grease on both the processor and heatsink, then reapply. Then make sure your heatsink is properly installed. 257C is enough to melt solder, so that cant be right. If you do all this and it still reads that then a temp gauge in your processor, fan or mobo is broken and there shouldn't be anything to worry about, except that you lose that functionality.
  11. Finger that thang.

    If you pull back a fried, smoking nub, you have issues.

    Otherwise, refresh your BIOS and depend on the Asus utility.
  12. Hello all, thank you so much for helping me out.. I do not sense any burnt smell upon removing the heat sink.. and coretemp reports a decent temperature. Speedfan also reports a decent one. It hasn't reported high temp's like earlier for the past couple of days.

    However, the PC tends to get switched off randomly (does not happen when I leave the side cover open)..
  13. i've had speedfan report 200C temps as well... i would suggest the program aida64... it's 30$ but it's well worth it in my opinion (of course i have use for most of it... you might not lol)
  14. aida64 is very good program, they list every thing..... (very useful if u need the info)

    "However, the PC tends to get switched off randomly (does not happen when I leave the side cover open).. "

    U might don't had good airflow in your case...
    If opening the Side case helps then I'm suggest to leave it open...
  15. Very unlikely.

    The system would have shut down. It's a bad temperature reading, though I do recommend you reapply paste!
  16. okay.. i've just installed the Cooler master hyper 212 evo CPU cooler... and replaced the stock phenom 2 cooler...
    hoping to see some +ve results... (although there is not much difference in the cpu core temperature as reported by speedfan..)
    have also updated my year old bios ..

    if in case this problem does occur again, I'm pretty sure heat is not the problem.. what else should I be looking at next ??

    also, got one more question.. My cabinet is an old one with the PSU placed at the top rear end instead of the bottom rear end (as seen in the latest cabinet's)
    The problem is.. My corsair GS600 PSU has the blower fan underneath it and blows hot air just on top of the laaarge hyper 212 cooler.. will this be a problem ?
  17. Your Psu is sucking air out, not pushing it onto the 212, feel the vent from the Psu at the rear, you feel the breeze?
    and on the subject of paste, if you remove the H/s, for any reason, you replace the paste,
    and speedfan is narky, try Coretemp as a free option
  18. my psu does not push any air from behind ! I do not see any breeze coming out of it..

    in fact, when I place hands below the psu fan (that faces the ground) i feel a strong blow of air being emitted out of it..

    Update : My PC had an instant shutdown again.. last night.. in spite of this useless 40$ cpu cooler...
    According to this picture the fan is orientated normally, not in reverse
    And if the cooler hasn't resolved the shutdowns, its obviously something else causing them, any info on the bluescreen to help identify?
  20. ooooh.. s**t ! this is not how my PSU is mounted.. it has been mounted at the rear top end of my case with the fan facing down..
    But i guess this should not be a problem ? assuming the fan's rotational direction decides the blow in/out ?
    I believe my vendor had mounted the psu in this manner since I did not have one of those latest type cases where the psu is placed in the rear bottom end ?

    Please advice !

    And, no, i dont get any BSOD's.. it's just a plain instant switch off..
  21. Don't panic!
    If you Psu is topmount the yes, the grill is facing down, thats fine and no cause for concern :)
    What I was referring to is the angling of the fanblades, the way they are in that main picture shows us the direction it pulls or pushes air, the way up the actual unit is in the picture is just so you can see the fan part of it, normally you can't see the fan as its at the bottom
    How old is the Psu btw?
    and do you have another Psu you can swap it out with to rule it out as faulty?
  22. aaw.. that gives me some relief.
    Now, my Corsair GS600 is exactly an year old and unfortunately I do not have an alternate PSU (a good stable one) to test this issue out with.

    Just to rule out my GPU (MSI R6850 power edition) as the root cause, I did have it unplugged last night and the issue still persists. Instant abrupt shutdown with no BSOD's whatsoever and the PC will not power back on for about 15 mins.

    I thought of requesting an RMA from corsair straight away, but just want to be sure that PSU is indeed the problem. How do I do that ?
    I guess a faulty RAM would not give this symptom. Can it be the motherboard ?
  23. update - i ran memtest to rule out the RAM & pc switched off during the test itself. this is very frustrating !
  24. Ok, given that the Psu is a decent brand and only a year old,
    I'm disinclined to believe thats the issue, it may be but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for now,
    repeat the memtest run, is it all sticks that cause the shutdown or just one particular stick?
  25. I've just got 1 stick of 4 GB corsair vengeance ..I did repeat the test and the PC went off again.. Im helpless totally now
  26. Can you check your ram in a mates Pc maybe?
    I'm thinking it may be the problem
  27. okay.. I was lucky enough to get another RAM module to test this issue out with and the PC switched off with the new RAM as well. So, RAM is now eliminated !

    Here goes my results with a power supply tester that I was able to get hold off yesterday. This is the normal one with just green LED's next to the voltages & not the one that shows the voltages in digital.

    The tester had these pin connectors:
    - 20/24 pin (mobo connector)
    - 8 pin (cpu power connector)
    - 6 pin (gpu power connector)
    - SATA
    - HDD power
    - Floppy drive power connector (one that I dont use/need)

    My Motherboard - Asus m4a88td-v evo/usb3
    CPU - amd x4 955be (at stock speed)

    Here goes the results. (I haven't used a psu tester before and just tried my luck out !)

    1. Connected the 24 pin -> all voltages glow except for -5v (which is not mentioned in my corsair gs600 box)
    2. 24 pin + 8 pin -> +12V glow but not the +3.3V & +5v
    3. 24 pin + 8 pin + 6 pin -> same result as above, no + 3.3v & + 5v
    4. 24 pin + HDD connector -> +12v & +5v were glowing leaving the +3.3v LED off

    Not sure if the PSU tester has to be tested with only one conenction at the time, but my power supply tripped/shut down when I tried the following connections combination :

    1. 24 pin + 6 pin + 8 pin + HDD
    2. 24 pin + 8 pin + HDD
    3. 24 pin + 6 pin + HDD

    Once the PSU trips with the above connections, it does not power up back similar to my original problem. Only when +5vsb LED is off, the power supply would power back on.

    Just to add, whenever the PSU is switched off, the "PG" LED would go off 1st and then the +5vsb LED would slowly subside.

    Can you help me figure out the results of these tests please..
  28. I've never used a Psu tester but I believe you only test one connection at a time,
    If you examine the motherboard carefully, are there any signs of burning, bulging capacitors or anything that looks 'not right'?
    I'm thinking the mobo is the problem now you have ruled out the ram
  29. oh .. my.. god... now this is going to be a nightmare to me :(
    In my 20 yrs of computing, I have never fried a motherboard ... In fact, this system built last august was a dream computer for me with the most carefully chosen components on which I spent a fortune !

    The board in particular.. my vendor offered boards that costed about 75 USD - 100 USD max. But I had chosen this one taken aback by its safety features.. and this piece of metal cost me 160 USD ! :(

    On visual examination, I am not able to find any damages on the board.. Now, how do I go about testing the board......

    Could it be a faulty CPU as well ?
  30. Ok, reset the Bios if you haven't already,
    remove the heatsink again and clean the old paste, re-apply fresh paste and reseat the heatsink properly,
    See how you go from there,
    You can get motherboard testers on Egay or pc sites, i've never used one but I believe they give you a code and you work from that what the issue is,
    If reseating the Hs doesn't work though I would take it to a Pc shop that has the testing equipment already,
    They will have spare parts to check each of your components and identify the issue, but try the reseating first
  31. hmmm. can I skip the bios reset option for now ?
    with regards to the heatsink, re-applying thermal paste.. all this happened just a couple of weeks ago when I had installed my cooler master hyper 212 cooler ! This was done assuming that the shutdown was due to heating issues.. :(

    alrighty, now what I have done is removed the components completely outside my case (read somewhere that a faulty cabinet power/reset switch can also lead to a shutdown !) I have placed the bare motherboard & PSU on the floor and just connected 1 HDD, keyboard & mouse and the system is on & running ! Amazing to see coretemp report a temperature of 28 C as against 39 C when inside the case !

    Shall keep you posted on the result ! Hopefully, it shouldn't shut down now & my case should be the problem.. haha!
  32. could be a grounding problem if it works fine breadboarding,have to wait and see :)
  33. Almost 2 hrs now into testing. Added the discrete GPU & DVD drive as well. No signs of shutdown so far..!
    Gonna leave it ON for the next 12 hrs to observe.. fingers crossed.. thanks moto for staying with me through this !
  34. karthik316_1999 said:
    Just to add, whenever the PSU is switched off, the "PG" LED would go off 1st and then the +5vsb LED would slowly subside.

    Can you help me figure out the results of these tests please..

    The 5VSB output is always-on as long as the PSU is receiving line power regardless of whether the PSU is on/off and regardless of whether PG is there or not. When you disconnect the PSU or turn off the hard-switch, 5VSB will stay on until the PSU's input capacitors are drained.
  35. thanks for the insight ! So, symptoms of my PSU are all correct with respect to the LED's glown when I have connected the different power connectors ?
  36. okay.. results of bread boarding have been satisfactory so far !
    Guess it was indeed an issue with my cabinet's power ! gives me tons of relief that my psu/motherboard is safe.. cant imagine how a cabinet can lead to such concerning issues !

    Can I get some help on rectifying this problem in my cabinet ? How do i basically go about troubleshooting the power issue inside the cabby (buying a new box would be an alternative if it can be avoided..)
  37. Make sure you do not have any misplaced studs and your motherboard's "donuts" around each mounting hole on both sides for score marks that might indicate that your studs might be shorting nearby traces or solder pads.

    Also make sure that the IO shield "fingers" are not sticking into connectors.
  38. Okay.. my motherboard does not show any of the above symptoms indicating a short..
    but I do have a plastic stud (a single one) that is very lose and I'm not sure where it is supposed to be fitting ! Can I have it removed instead ?

    Also, I've got an interesting update !
    When I had visited a local computer shop to get a new cabinet explaining the problem he said buying a new cabinet would not help ! and that i needed to check the electrical connection in my home.. (Grounding or earthing problem ?)

    Some of the issues I have at home are-

    - The electrical circuit tipper in the main board gets tripped now & then and would not turn back ON. I have to unplug all possible electrical equipments & then wait for sometime. Only then would be able to put the tripped switch back ON.

    - I would sometimes feel slight current when touching the sides of the cabinet ... !

    - The water taps in the washrooms would also give slight shock to the touch when water passes through it..

    Maybe changing to a new cabinet might not really help ?
  39. What sort of "slight shock" would that be? Something like static (one spark and nothing afterward) or a continuous AC tingle?

    If you have a continuous AC tingle on equipment that is supposed to be grounded, it means you have a ground fault somewhere, possibly combined with a floating neutral.

    If the water taps give you static-like zaps and your pipes are PEX, it is possible for water flow to cause static buildup on fixtures. If taps give you an AC tingle then there definitely is something wrong with building/electrical ground.
  40. Yup, thats a grounding issue alright but as you have figured out yourself, its (for once) not the Pc at fault, its your house wiring :(
  41. Based on your description, I think you may want to hire an electrician, ASAP. Sounding more like a home wiring problem at this stage.
  42. Yes.. it is an AC tingle.. :(
    Now this is going to get pretty expensive isn't it.. hmmm
    And to confirm this, my PC just exhibited the same behavior of abrupt shutdown couple of days even when being bread boarded!
    Thanks again to you all for being through this with me !
  43. No probs man, we are here to try and help,
    now you know what the problem is you can look to sorting it :)
    and obviously fingers crossed for Pc behaving afterwards
  44. While electrical re-wiring is about to start at home, I happen to get hold on one of old PSU (purchased in 2010) - A Zebronics 500w platinum series PSU.

    Just thought I would test the system out with this alternate PSU to rule out the Corsair PSU as a possible cause.
    But need to know if this Zebronics 500w platinum series PSU would be able to handle my below rig..

    - phenom x4 955 be
    - 4gb ram
    - 2 hdd's (can remove 1 if required)
    - 1 optical drive (can remove if required)
    - msi r6850 cyclone pe

    P.S : I already ran the PC without the GPU and all went well. Can I connect the pci e card as well ?

    thanks !
  45. No idea how good "Zebronics" is supposed to be but 500W of reasonable quality should be vastly sufficient to run any single-GPU setup.

    The PSU's name has "platinum" in it which usually should mean decent quality but the lack of solid search results about it seem to indicate it might be one of those Indian knock-off brands.
  46. hm.. you are right.. it's one of those 'common' Indian brands..
    Here is the manufacturer's website:

    Read bad comments on it over here:

    But, so far system seems to be running fine.. making me believe that the costlier "corsair" one was not worth the money !

    If in case i'm going to connect the gpu on this zebronics psu, would the system just shutdown or would it cause harm to the gpu card ?
  47. karthik316_1999 said:
    hm.. you are right.. it's one of those 'common' Indian brands..
    Here is the manufacturer's website:

    Read bad comments on it over here:

    But, so far system seems to be running fine.. making me believe that the costlier "corsair" one was not worth the money !

    If in case i'm going to connect the gpu on this zebronics psu, would the system just shutdown or would it cause harm to the gpu card ?

    22A on the +12V rail, that comes out to 250W... thats kinda low for 500W
  48. Update - electrical re-wiring was completed at a cost of 5k & PC is in observation since last night. No shutdown since then..
    fingers crossed.
  49. The sensor readings on speedfan depend on interacting with the motherboards sensors and software, it can conflict. Asus suite is very accurate anyways so any 3rd party software is rather unnecessary.

    If your CPU hit 200*C it would melt through the SoC, through your socket, Through your motherboard and likely fuse to your motherboard tray, not to mention a massive fire.
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