Help! I cannot delete a network folder?!

This has been driving me nuts as I desperately try to search for an answer.

I installed a program and then uninstalled it. However, I noticed there's a stupid shared network folder in my main "NAME-PC" network. How do I remove this?

I would like to remove the "sbp" folder, but there is no "delete" option. No matter what I do, this folder cannot be deleted and is here to stay....even if I try to mess around with the sharing options. I am logged in as an administrator as well. I understand that my "Users" folder is the main one that I would like to keep, but I cannot get rid the other folder. Argh?!

Here is what I am talking about:

Please help! Thanks.
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  1. have you tried pressing delete? sorry dont know aswell :lol:
  2. Try this

    Start -> Computer (Right Click and select "Manage" from drop down)

    System Tools -> Shared Folders -> Shares

    This will give you a list of all shares on your computer

    Right click on your share and selct "Stop Sharing"
  3. +1 ^ that list is what is shared out on your computer, not what you connected to. If it was a share on another PC, you can delete the connection if it was mapped. Since it's on your PC, you need to find the folder that is being shared and unshare it as above.

    If the share list is from Network Neighborhood, it will not be removed unless you unshare the folder on whatever PC it's shared on. You can only remove a share connection that you mapped to.
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