Hi everyone can anyone help me buy a pc...

this is thushar from India.
am planning to buy a new pc fir that I have selected some configuration can anyone say is this good or should I make any changes in the following features.

ASUS M5A88-M motherboard.
AMD radon HD 6450 graphic card.
AMD processor (phenom II quad core 965,3.4 GHz)
500GB hard disc.
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  1. Why don't u post your shopping website too?

    What Windows do u have? x64bit?
  2. It looks OK, can u get more RAM if u have x64bit windows?

    Or get x64bit windows if u still shopping for it?

    More RAM will add to your computing satisfaction.
  3. Well, since you are buying that cpu, why don't you spend money on a better gpu?
    Try out a 6750 or a 6850, they are much faster, and you won't have to be changing it very soon.
    They are not the top notch, but also not the botton line, and at a good price.



    Of course you will also need a new power supply with the extra energy pins, but that you would need anyway, it will just make more sense to buy now =)
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