Optiplex 760 USFF

I have the optiplex 760 USFF, can I upgrade the graphics ?

the unit was free so I am happy to spend some money on it, also is it poss to upgrade the psu (only 220w)

and a sound card

not to sure were to look so any advice would be more than helpfull!

my machine spec

4GB ram

160GB hd

Intel® Core 2 Duo E8600/3.33GHz, 6M, 1333FSB

On board Intel® Q45/Q43 Express Chipset
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  1. Unfortunately the 760 USFF has no expansion options when it comes to PCI slots (USFF: Ultra Small Form Factor). Maybe you could try an external sound card http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100008658%20600011978&IsNodeId=1&name=USB

    reference: http://www.dell.com/downloads/emea/products/optix/Optiplex_760_Spec_Sheet_en.pdf
  2. You could re-use the processor and RAM with another MB/case/PSU. this is the most likely candidate at newegg
  3. GENIUS,

    I never thought to change the m/board, if it works, then all the other probs

    like the psu, memory upgrade etc all vanish, has anyone else tried this with the 760


    A big THANK YOU for the advice, I thought that I would be stuck with a low spec

  4. I suppose you have also checked Dell' service page for this computer

    I doubt you will be able to re-use the case for anything else.
  5. Just be careful about the motherboard. MOST LGA 775 MBs being sold these days are DDR3. That would not work with that RAM.

    If you want to take a picture or two we might be able to comment more, but based on the info provided so far, especially James for going the extra mile to look up your support manual, I'm pretty comfortable saying that you can re-use the CPU and RAM. They seem to be standard.

    I would actually remove the CPU and RAM up front and get all the numbers off of them, so I knew exactly what I was dealing with.

    Then, I would honestly look for an OLD LGA 775 MB. Something used but high-end, so I could overclock the CPU some.

    This came up on a quick ebay search
  6. I will take your advice and uprgeade the ram & cpu, I like the Dell case & size, so as

    suggested, I will gut the machine and refurb the interior, I'm wondering if the ports on

    the m/board will be a prob ( can they be moved? )

    thank you for the link and for taking time to respond

  7. I'm not sure we are on the same page there. You cannot put an ATX board into a SFF case. You need a new case.
  8. ok, but a new m/board that fits in the uffs, with DDR3 slots etc, might work!
  9. You would need a board and case that will support a PCI-E graphics card... Unless you can find some sort of NVidia chipset board that would give you a small graphics upgrade.
  10. you are spot on, the graphics card might be an issue, the NVidia chipset board sounds

    like a better option, but will the NVidia chipset be good enough? (just to run my older

    pc games etc) the best thing about changing the m/board is to have a better cpu, ram

    ect... and to make it fit the uffs would be magic

    am I asking to much from such a small machine?
  11. There are small machines capable of more, but not compatible with LGA 775.

    If you want better graphics and you want to re-use the processor, you will have to change cases.

    Here's a very small board that will support the processor AND the RAM. It will also handle any graphics card you want to add, as long as it's single slot:

    Here is a case

    and a psu that would handle any moderate GPU upgrade
  12. thank you for the links, I will have to rethink what to do, I can see this is not as easy

    as I thought, you have been really helpfull and I thank you, when I decide what to do

    I will run it pass you to see what you think!
  13. ok

    I have got rid of the optiplex760 usff and now have the sff, this machine has slots in the motherboard,

    hopefully I can upgrade the graphics cars, any suggestions? or has anyone upgraded the graphics card

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