SSD or video card upgrade first?

I have the Dell XPS 8300, prebuild computer, currently thinking upgrading my computer? Should i upgrade to a SSD (HDD for storage), or upgrade my video card first? I am think of upgrading the video card to HD 7850 or the upcoming GTX 660 ot GTX 660 Ti. For SSD's i am not sure what to upgrade. Probably like a 128 GB SSD. Again, should I upgrade to a SSD first (HDD for storage) or my video card? Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated, thanks.

Heres my specs:
Intel core i7 2600 (3.4 GHz, 4 cores and 8 threads)
8 GB DDR3 RAM - 1333 MHz
AMD Radeon HD 6770
1TB HDD storage
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  1. I would go with the GPU first, and wait for the SSDs to continue to come down in price. When you decide to purchase an SSD, get at least 120GB. It will fill up quicker than you think.
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    GPU first. It'll affect performance way more than SSDs. A GPU controls how fast your games run, and how much graphics it can process. I'd go with the MSI Twin Frozr II OC 7850 or the ASUS (Gigabyte if there's nothing else). Ranking:
    1. MSI Twin Frozr II OC
    2. ASUS
    3. Gigabyte
    4. EVGA
    5. Another manufacturer... if worst comes to worst
    Try getting more than one fan. Two is the most common.

    An SSD only controls data input/output... so it'll speed up your startup time and loading times for games, but actual fps will barely be altered. Make sure your computer can be upgraded! A lot of computers don't have the capacity to be upgraded! You will see a MASSIVE difference in between the 6770 and the 7850. All games should run on maximum settings.

    Also, of course, SSD prices are still coming down.
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