Questionable build/psu

I have some friends saying my psu is not enought what do you guys think.

Ocz zs 650w 80+ bronze
i5 2500k overclocked sometime
Asrock extreme3 gen3 mobo
Sapphire 7950 oc
3 200mm fans in cm storm enforcer case
And 212+ cooler

I thought 650 would be plenty , but as stated im in question now. Thanks!
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  1. IMO should be fine, but OCing might put a lot of strain on it.

    What is the Amperage on the 12v rail?
  2. 54 amps on single 12v
  3. Also if no overclocking on cpu just gpu still ok? Or should it be up to 800w?
  4. 650watts with a 12v rail with that amperage will work just fine with that setup.
  5. Safer to return the 650 or stick with ? Still awaiting all of this in the mail
  6. If you're going to add a second GPU or heavily OC both the CPU and the GPU then I'd go to at least an 850, but for what you have now a 650 will be fine. IMO for the small cost difference to bump it up to a 850 it makes sense to future proof your self.
  7. Sounds good for awhile all i will overclock is the gpu. But down the rd i will be doing more and swap out the psu i suppose . As long as it withstands hours of gaming im ok with that. Thanks for the response
  8. No problem.
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