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New vid card boots up black screen

okay i recently bought a new pci card to replace the old agp card that had crashed. after installing the new video card my computer boots up fine through the normal bios screen or whatever but once it starts loading windows it just hangs at a black screen without error. the standby light is also lit up on the motherboard. i have no idea whats wrong can anyone help, i suck at computers unless it's programming. :lol:
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  1. Start in Safe Mode, see if it sees the card. You may have swapped the cards without uninstalling the drivers for the old card. If it does start in safe mode. Also, why not get another AGP card? They are much faster than PCI ones, or at least the interface is. You can get a bad AGP card that's not any faster, but in general, APG if you have it is better than PCI.

    Checking the setup manual for the new card will also help, they almost always have a FAQ with some issues listed.
  2. thanks for the quick reply. i tried booting into safe mode and it hangs trying to load drivers\mup.sys

    i'm googling this problem now and am gonna try a few solutions. i really don't know a lot about video cards or hardware in general. i decided to buy a pci card because my old agp card was pretty faulty and the graphics were never very good in games so i figured i would be upgrading with a pci card. the card is a nvidia geforce 6200 btw and it didn't even come with a manual in the box which is weird cuz i ordered it new from best buy.

    maybe i should just return it and buy an agp card i guess. what would you do?
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    Hate to say it, but a PCI 6200 also won't be good in games either.

    Post your full system specs, CPU, RAM amount, also what your power supply wattage is. Without those it's impossible to find a card that would match what your PC can handle in general.

    AGP cards are now in the legacy era, so new AGP cards are pricy compared to new ones that are way faster.

    What you may want to look at, and what I like to recommend, is look on craigslist for a used dual-core computer with a PCIe video slot and a 300+ watt power supply, should cost around 100-150, you may even be able to find one with a decent card in it already. Make sure you see it fire up and run a game for a bit on it. For about 2-3 times the cost of just a video card, you will probably increase your PC speed 10-20 times. Heck if you are in MA or RI, I have 2 systems now you can use hehe.
  4. alright don't laugh cuz this is an old computer i got from friend that was built for him by the local lan center back in like 2001. it's got a 40 gig hard drive, half a gig of ram and max 330 watt power supply with some amd processor and AOpen mobo. i really don't see how a lan center could get away with building something this crappy and calling it a gaming rig, but alas that's not important.

    i'm probably just going to return this card tomorrow and look for an agp one unless i find a good deal on craigslist.

    bummer, i'm all the way down in houston, tx but thanks anyway for the offer and the help.
  5. That Bill Cosby picture, I used it at work less than a month ago hehe.

    Built a map of our radiology reading rooms and the computer info for them, and stuck this picture in the middle of the main reading room instead of the post that was there. Cause Bill Cosby approves of my map!

    Anything that was a gaming computer in 2001 is barely a web browsing computer now. It's time for a new one for sure.
  6. lol i was just browsing through my image folder and found that figured itd be a good avatar.

    i definitely know this computer i have isn't a decent gaming rig, but i perhaps embellished my use of the word gaming. the only thing i play on it is age of empires which ran well enough with my old radeon agp card. im only going to use this pc for age of empires, browsing the web, and programming occasionally. i cant buy a new computer because i dont have the money, in fact i could only afford the new video card with a best buy gift card. do you think this card would suffice for what i need?

    im on my phone right now so hopefully you can open that link. sorry if im uselessly continuing this thread but buying a new card is really my only option right now. also does this forum have any karma / rep system cuz youve been super helpful.

    thanks for your time.
  7. Do NOT spend $60 on that card. If you can get 15-20 together, you can get a better on off craigslist. Check your PMs also, I sent you a message.

    There is a "best answer" selection on these forums, should come up in an email you'll get about your topic.
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