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Toshiba Laptop...

So my friend is playing SC2 with me on her girlfriend laptop. satellite L500-00E PSLS6C-00E00 is the model, the pc was getting slow and couple of virus inside because of her roommate. so I did a little clean up and with that uninstalled the shitty toshiba application, like 10 of them if not more. Now everything is dandy but SC2 is getting super slow with low settings (usually playing medium no prob).

So I figure the graphic driver must be wrong. ( I took one on intel website) so we try the nvidia detect thing, it says download this driver so we did, but when we try to install it, it says we do not have hardware for the driver.

so we try the display driver on Toshiba website. all installed and working fine but the game is still laggy....

could it be another driver not updated? like CPU? the game put it on medium as default by itself but its wayy too laggy.

the actual driver from Toshiba is Intel graphics media accelarator hd and date is .2009-12

the one from intel website was a 2012 but the name wasnt the same, graphics accelarator hd if I am right.

any clue ? thx in advance!
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  1. Sorry for my english btw :D
  2. What exactly did you uninstall from Toshiba? There were probably needed drivers you removed if you just picked random stuff to delete.

    And you must have gotten the wrong video drivers, there is no way a laptop with i3 chip would have drivers from 2009, the i3 was not out then. The date I see for the display driver is from 1/18/2010

    Drivers should be here , install the Chipset drivers first, then LAN, Audio and Video.
  3. the Chipset utility? I don't think we tried that one, but the display driver (graphic driver from there is the 2009 one.) and its only 45mb..
  4. and the Toshiba things are not needed. where I work I redo all the PCs with new and fresh install, without those junks. But it may indeed not be good to uninstalled them and not re-install the OS. We are gonna redo the whole PC tomorrow but still im trying to figure out whats going on.
  5. + 1^ use hang-the-9 link to get back driver the only thing you wont need is norton trial and the office but you have to put back all other toshiba software
  6. what if I format the laptop and install the basic drivers without those toshiba drivers? Would it be better? or I really need to install all that? (why the hell are they making this ? its stupid as sh**....)
  7. taking a chance that it wont work corrctly dont forget that is a laptop made by toshiba not one we build like a tour(valentine day be good with your girlfriend laptop)
  8. Well I have deleted many many of those useless drivers at my job (we sell toshiba&Acer), and never have I encounter this.

    Well I guess trying basic drivers, then installing the game, testing and reformatting with all the drivers if its not working wouldnt do to much harm to the pc...

    it can be done in 1 night, so I guess if we are looking for the best performance possible I should do that ?
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    you could give it a try
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