Upgrade cpu+mobo HELP !!

hello! currently have:

cpu: intel e5300 dual core @ 2.6 ghz
mobo: asrock g41m vs3 r2.0
video card: gtx 550 TI superclocked
ram: 4gb @ 1333 mhz

need to upgrade and dont know i should go to phenom 1090t or i5 2400 for the same price can not go more cuz this is my budget. need the pc for basic products of adobe Illustrator, photoshop, indesign ,after effect, premiere pro cs6. and maybe play casual games.
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  1. i am begginner on these products !!
  2. well i5 is better its 4 cores so its a very good cpu... but if u want more cores for the same price phenom 1090t its 6 cores kinda more future proof? but you will need another motherboard with a different chipset like for amd 870 880.. 970 990fx.. intel
    p67 p68, h67 z68 z75 z77.
  3. i am confused cuz dont know how these products will work better with i5 2400 or 1090t in benchmark i5 2400 is a bit faster than 1090t. maybe i should go for 1090t thanks for the answer :)
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