Intel pentium 3 601 mhz need upgrade

trying to upgrade cpu in dell latitude C600 laptop.need to know what to upgrade too.
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  1. If it can be upgraded, then it will be another Pentium 3 CPU. You need to research what was the fastest model available for the C600. If you attempt to install an unsupported CPU (even if it does fit in the socket), then the laptop may not even post.
  2. Note that even the fastest Pentium 3 CPU is slow by today's standards.

    An inexpensive netbook will have more processing power than your old laptop.
  3. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    You're limited strictly to a PIII/750 as a CPU upgrade but since the last one was made over 10 years ago, finding one will be quite the trick.
    Good luck in your quest
  4. Save up $$$ for a new laptop, there are some good ones from $250 to $400 that are vastly superior to your old cpu.
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