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Just put together my home built PC, installed software, etc. Everything is working fine but I notice that the two USB ports, audio ports, e-SATA port, and the LED for the power button are all not working. I have double checked all connections to make sure they are all in the correct place and I'm not sure where to go from here. The power and reset buttons, located on the same panel work fine. Any suggestions?

This isn't a HUGE problem...but it would be nice if I could get these things running.
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  1. What models are the MB and case? Make sure all of the front panel connectors are facing in the same direction (with the writing facing towards the end of the MB).

    I would also try reinstalling the audio, USB and e-SATA drivers from the CD that came with the MB.
  2. Same problem with mine. did u ever figure it out?
  3. I would triple check your connections at the motherboard. It sounds like you have something connected wrong, or the wiring from the front panel was marked wrong. Follow the wires out to see if they go where they are suppose to go on the front panel. And be sure your polarity is correct.

    As for the USB and eSATA, as long as they are plugged into the USB header and SATA header respectively, there should be no reason they don't work.

    If you are sure all of the above is correct, it would appear the motherboard is faulty.
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