Sata Or Raid Controller And Network Card For Whs 2011 Vail


I just finished building my home server. I was wondering which Sata/Raid Controller and Network Card would be perfect/compatible with my system.

This is my system :

Asus P5Q
Intel Q9450
Team Elite 4GB DDR2
GTX 260

1. I need a Sata / Raid Controller Sata 2 with 4 ports which is compatible with my system. I did try searching in newegg. But I cant seem to find a card which is compatbile or I just don't know what to look for.

2. I also need a Network card with 2 or 4 Gigabit RJ45 ports. I just wanted to have extra for ports for traffic balancing / faster transfer. Am I right with this one?

3. Do I need to upgrade my RAM to 8GB?

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  1. your links dont work...

    1- unless you're going to spend a few hundred on a controller then just use the 6 built in Intel Matrix Storage sata adapters for your data drives and use the marvel or Sil for your boot, boot backup, & optical drives.

    Anything under is like to really be software based and no better than what you already have.

    2 - Nic = Intel Desktop gigabit desktop CT adapter. Get the drivers from intel. they have WHS2011 drivers.

    3 - depends on the work you plan on having the server do..
    just serving files - no
    trancoding video on the fly - yes
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