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I bought a fx 4100 back in November, and I would like to OC it. Which fan is a good choice?
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    hyper 212 evo cheap
    for extreme is Phantex / noctua NH-d 14 ... depend your budget
  2. Actually the stock fan is typically good enough to overclock fairly well. Assuming the chip itself is capable, 4.5GHZ with the stock HSF is not unheard of.
  3. Ty guys
  4. Quote:
    shows you just how crappy that CPU is....

    You're preaching to the converted, but its not really relevant to what the OP wanted to know. just for good measure, *smack*x2
  5. LOL, hey give the Devil his dues. At least AMD got the CPU cooler right. The stock HSF that come with Phenom IIs are just absolutely terrible.
  6. Maybe it is? Do the FX CPUs run cooler? I couldn't imagine they would considering how much power they suck. But theres no way you're getting past 3.7GHZ on the stock Phenom II cooler. My *** was throttling on that cooler under load before I OC'd.
  7. uhhhhh..... So i guess I'll get the Hyper evo, ty guys.
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