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Ok, so I am very interested in overclocking my PNY GTX 460, as from what I have seen they overclock pretty dang good. My only issue is that I would really like access to fan speeds of over 70%. For some reason my cards fan will only go up to 70%! I have been doing quite a bit of research today and have found that you can modify the BIOS of the card to allow fan speed of over 70% (up to 100%). I have edited my stock rom with the 'fermi bios editor' program that I found out on the web and applied the bios to the card using nvflash (windows version). After updating the BIOS I reinstalled the drivers for my card but still.. no 100% fan speed. Should I be using a different program for the BIOS editing? What am I doing wrong?
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    I really don't think you'll need over 70% speed. If your card is anything at all like my EVGA, you'll run into artifacts well before temperatures become a big problem. My max stable OC stays below 60C at 58% fan speed, which is the maximum value at which it's not really audible over my other fans.
  2. Well.. I have pretty much no idea how but somehow everything has magically fallen into place and I have 100% control of my fan now. From 0% to 100%. This has only taken me a matter of 4 hours.. but I suppose that just makes it more satisfying.

    On to this overclocking business now.. What are you running at kajabla?
  3. MSI Afterburner
  4. At stock speeds 675 core 1350 shader and 1800 memory she doesn't heat up past 70c
  5. (under EVGA's artifact scanning stress tester)
  6. I O/C'ed an Evga GTX 460SC, stock 763/1526/950 to 840/1680/2000 without adding voltage. IncreasedFPS from29.1 to 35.1 in Unigine Heaven 2.5.
    SLI'ed I get 67.9 FPS. Temps stay under 60C using a case side fan.
  7. @Wiiings what's the fan speed at that temperature?

    Mine's at the same clocks as Delroy's, 840/2000, and it runs around 58C in the winter and 62-3 in the summer (NYC). I usually run at 850, but for some reason I get artifacts specifically in SC2 (not other games), so I clock down when I get on a 2v2 kick.
  8. Ok I did a little tinkering around and got my core up to 815mhz and my shaders are up to 1630. I moved a case fan in front of my card so I get a little more air moving across, it, temps dont go above 70c and fan doesn't go above 70%. My memory is still at 1800 though, if I change my memory speed at all I get mad artifacts and instability. Could this be due to the fact that my PNY card has no heatsink on the memory modules? Also, I bumped my voltages up to 987 (from 975) any advice/help?
  9. Would you suggest staying at stock voltages? Is it safer in the longrun for my card? As far as fan speed goes I do have it up to 100%, I was reading somewhere the card is fine at 70c so I created a mild fan curve with afterburner as the fan gets pretty damn loud above ~80%. What temp would you suggest I keep this thing at? And any clue why I cant touch my memory speed?
  10. Yes, I wouldn't mess with voltages. See malmental's quote.

    70C is fine. You'll be safe up into the 90s. I think it would be good to keep it under 75, but I don't really have any evidence that that's any better than 85 or 95 or 105.
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