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SLI or CrossFire.

Hey guys,

I'm wondering what i should choose to get the best performance. I have a limited budget and i have narrowed it down to two choices.

Nvidia Geforce 550 ti 1GB (SLI) or AMD radeon 6850 1GB (CrossFire).

I have looked at many reviews and from what i can tell is the AMD card out performs the Nvidia but i like the physx that the Nvidia card provides as more and more games are supporting it and as of now AMD doesn't provide that.

But all the same i will like some input, anyother suggestions would also be apprecated.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. don't get either!!! low end crossfire and sli sucks and is full of bad stuff.

    get a single card thats the same price as those. Something like the 560ti or 6950.

    Also the 6850 crossfire is much much faster than the 550ti SLI considering the 6850 is a lot faster than the 550 ti.
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    definatly get a powerfull single card over a low end SLI / CFX config.

    and you can always expand later on with a single card.

    the only reason to go with a SLI / CFX solution is if there is no single GPU card avaliable that gives you the desired performance. Because its alomst always cheaper, quieter, less power draw & less problems with a single GPU config
  3. Thanks guys, i was thinking that a higher-end single card would be better.

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