Do i need to install Intels Graphics Driver?

Do i? I'm not actually gonna use it but i can't properly use GPU-Z if i don't update it. since i get a message to update my OpenCL and Graphics driver when i try to open. My graphics driver is up to date 301.42 but my Intel HD inst. I even uninstalled my Intel HD graphics driver to try and install the update i downloaded from Intel with no avail as i get this message every time:

"system does not meet the minimum requirements" i was like WFT?

My CPU is a i5-3550.

Please help i'm at a complete loss here :sweat:
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  1. gpu-z is for discreet graphics cards

    Main Features

    Support NVIDIA and ATI cards
    Displays adapter, GPU and display information
    Displays overclock, default clocks and 3D clocks (if available)
    Includes a GPU load test to verify PCI-Express lane configuration
    Validation of results
    No installation required
  2. Obviously, but still doesn't answer my main question.

    Do i need to install the Intel HD graphics driver or not?
    as for GPU-Z, not detecting the OpenCL is the issue, does anyone know a solution?
  3. gpuz also detects the intel hd graphics

    just expand the box at the bottom where card is listed

    for example on mine it shows gtx570 and if i expand the box also shows intel hd graphics family

    even though not using the hd3000 graphics gpuz still reports the speed and temperature of it
  4. It can't! Only my GTX 570 is listed.

    as i said it cannot detect OpenCL w/c is my Intels HD graphics inst it not?
    as i said i uninstalled the Driver of Intel's HD 2500 because i wanted to update it but i cannot install the driver update as i said above
  5. Never mind this is resolved, for some reason after i deleted the Asus Inii. files lost issue via Task Scheduler Device manager finally detected that i didn't have a Driver for Intel HD so i managed to successfully install install it.

    It's a confusing fix but i take what i can get.
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