Benefit of ATI?

hi. If i have an AMD CPU will i get some sort of additional benefit from using an AMD graphics card that i wouldnt get if i used an intel cpu? or does it not matter?

thanks! :hello:
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  1. it doesn't matter really

    AMD's catalyst control center does give you more options with AMD cpu and AMD gpu but its not really that useful and doesn't affect performance at all.
  2. ^+1
    They are both good it all depends on your needs and wants and what you are striving for in a card. Here is a list of a bunch of GPU's. This just shows that both the AMD and Nvidia card are neck and neck. I hope this helps.
  3. ok thanks guys

    It's not. Except you are comparing high end AMD to Low end Intel.
  5. You won't get any benefit with AMD CPU and GPU combo unless you run hybrid xfire.
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