Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000

I am running Microsoft XP Pro on my Computer with which has Microsoft Office XP installed.

I kept the Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Program on my Computer, since it performed all of the functions for my Epson 850Z Digital Camera's and other the Picture Files that I needed.

I have the Adobe PhotoShop 6 Program, but I did not need all of its advanced functions.

The Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 served all of my Graphic And Digital Picture needs.

When I recently upgraded my Epson 850Z Digital Camera's Image Expert Software, the Micrsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Program no longer has the "JPEG" File Type under the File Save Options anymore.

I can still view "JPEG" Files, but I cannot perform a "File Save As" under the "JPEG" File Format anymore.

The problem is that I like to compress the Pictures from my Epson 850Z Digtial Camera, and I use the Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Program's File Compression Ratio to perfrom this task.

I also perform simple Photo Editing with the Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Program.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Program several times, and it still does not give me the "JPEG" File Format under the "File Save As" Command Line anymore.

I have read on the Internet that the Microsoft PhotoDraw "JPEG" File Format problem has occcured with other people after they have installed some Graphics or Image Software on their Computers.

I know that Microsoft has discontinued the Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Program, but it is easy to use and it performs its tasks well.

Does any know how I can get back the "JPEG" File Format under the "File Save As" Command, or at least a good Software Program replacement for the Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Program.

Does Microsoft Picture It 2001 or 2002 perfrom the same Program Functions as the Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Program did?

I would really like to keep using the Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 Program.


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  1. this program is ideal for me also. photodraw 2000 WILL work just fine with windows xp except if you have media edition. it will also work on windows vista. this is another case of incredible disregard by microsoft to their customers. photodraw is one of the very few microsoft programs that is really great. i knew they would have to discontinue after one year! actually, nothing else out there compares to it. its easy to use. its got the perfect degree of sophistication for users who do not need professional editing software.
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