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would you trust this:
i sent a support request to asrock wondering about windows 8 support, there are no drivers on the site.
my question to asrock:
"All i want to know is if you are making drivers for windows 8 for this product Asrock p67 Fatal1ty pro. i spent alot of money buying this mobo last year and would like to upgrade. I notice other vendors have support for windows 8 on the p67 platform. i have asked in the tweaktown forums but cant get an answer. you dont have drivers on the support site. a quick yes or no and why would be nice. "

they responded:
"Sorry about that. the mainboard does not support Windows 8 at this moment.
Please check the future update for the mainboard once available at below link.
However, Windows 8 has already build in most of the drivers and not requires drivers installation.

Thank you

ASRock America Support Team"

is it possible windows 8 has all the mobo drivers
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  1. yes, it's quite possible - if they say so...

    why don't u grab a spare drive and try it out...
  2. chances are you will be able to get your drivers on there fine, i had one problem with a driver i couldn't find for windows 8. was not compatible to run. so i ran the driver .exe in compatibility mode with win Xp and it worked fine.
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    Hi :)

    They were 8 drivers means EXACTLY do NOT buy 8...until eventually they will write 8 drivers...

    Stick with 7 for now...

    All the best Brett :)
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