Non responding ON and OFF bottom

motherboard led light blinking and power bottom in not responding. changed PSU and BIOS battery already, it didn't help. can't start computer. need some help.
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  1. There are several possibilities.

    1. The power button is not plugged in to the correct header/connection on the motherboard.

    2. The power button/switch is defective.

    3. The motherboard is defective.
  2. There's a quick check for the on/off button. You substitute another button of the same type.

    Go to the mobo header where the front panel connections plug in. Disconnect the two wires from the on/off button. Now move the two wires from the Reset button to the pins for on/off. This is the same type of momentary-contact normally-open switch. Power up and see if the Reset button will operate as if it were a normal On/Off button. If it does, you know everything is OK EXCEPT the on/off button switch.

    So, now what? You can try to fix the faulty switch. You can replace it with something similar that fits. Or you can leave it as it is, using the Reset as On/Off, and having no Reset switch to use.
  3. Paperdoc - Great suggestion!
  4. If it used to work and just stopped working try shorting the pins on the motherboard that turn the computer on.

    To do this find the case cable that connects the power button to the mobo
    unplug it
    connect the two pins with the metal of a screwdriver

    if your PC boots it's probably a problem with the case, if it doesn't then it's likely a problem with your mobo.
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