Should I switch to AMD?


I will first start with posting my specs for my current computer and the one that I am thinking of switching to:

Intel Core i5 2500 Processor
Gigabyte GA-H67M-D2-B3 Motherboard
16gb PC3-12800 Ram (maxed)
AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6750 Graphics

New build:
AMD FX-8120 Processor
Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 Motherboard
16gb PC3-12800 Ram (32gb max)
AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6750 Graphics

So just by specs, I know that the motherboard is an upgrade because what I have now is a micro ATX and it doesn't have as many connectors, plus the new one has new features like USB 3.0 and more SATA III ports, and not to mention the max amount of RAM is doubled. The main thing I am concerned about is the processor.

When I first built my computer, I was thinking about going with AMD, but when I asked about it on the forums here they said to just stick with intel (since I was upgrading from a Pentium D) and that it is generally better than AMD. Now when I look at it, this processor is unlocked, has double the cores and faster turbo so to me it seems like a better switch.

Also, this is a gaming computer mostly. Currently and probably for a long time I am using it as a server for minecraft so I need a lot of RAM and may need the 32gb later but I cant be sure. I also thought the multiple cores would be good for handling all of the traffic the server gets.

Finally, please do not recommend that I upgrade to an i7 unless you know I could get it within $30 of the FX-8120. I have looked at the i7's and they are really expensive. The great thing about going with AMD is I could practically trade over to it after selling my stuff. Another thing is I would like to know if there is a real noticeable difference between the FX-8150 and the 8120. The 8150 is a bit more pricey but i might be able to afford it if it really makes a difference.

I am going to be using stock cooling so I probably wont OC much. That may change if I switch to water cooling sometime in the future but for now it is not that big of a deal. I still like having unlocked processors though.

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    If you SERIOUSLY want to make the switch, at least wait to see how Piledriver is.

    Your current 2500 is still much better than a 8120 in everything except things like video encoding and other highly threaded tasks (doesn't really include Minecraft servers). The 8120 is WORSE for gaming and not just by a small margin.

    The 8120 is a "faux" 8 core CPU anyway (8 integer cores, but only 4 execution units), so it doesn't perform anywhere near like a true 8 core CPU should. AND the architecture is dreadfully slow.

    Stay with what you have, or get an i5 K and a Z68 or Z77 board so that you can OC. Literally no reason at all to switch to the 8120 for you.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply and how would OCing on an H67 chipset be? Not very good? Like, would it be worth upgrading for a few more bucks to an i5k and OCing with water cooling on an H67?
  3. Derkle said:
    Thanks for the quick reply and how would OCing on an H67 chipset be? Not very good? Like, would it be worth upgrading for a few more bucks to an i5k and OCing with water cooling on an H67?

    Since a K CPU has an unlocked multiplier, yeah, you can OC one on a H67 board. You just wouldn't be able to OC the BCLK (you don't need to though).

    The main problem with a H67 board is that since it was never really meant to be used to OC, the power phase design is probably pretty weak (read may cause unstable voltages).

    As far as water cooling goes, there's really no reason for that (no matter what board you use), unless you want to push 5+ Ghz on a 2500K or 4.5+ on a 3570K. Good air cooling is plenty for most OC's and closed loop "water" cooling is basically just an expensive novelty anyway. It works, but no better than equally priced air cooling.
  4. Alright thanks!
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  6. You're welcome. :)
  7. Wait a month or so and see what Bulldozer-->Piledriver brings to the table.

    Then, you can do the numbers. BD/PD with AM3+ -FX motherboards are bandwidth monsters. Compare to a new 'K' chip and motherboard.

    You should still be able to grab some decent coin selling your current rig, but you are boxed-in quite a bit with a non-K CPU and H67. Most importantly, some folks simply are not interested in OC'ing, and would snag your CPU/mobo to team with something like a new 660ti or HD7950.
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