Confused whether upgrade or wait.

Hello forum,

My current specs are :

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 (bought recently second hand on ebay)
ASRock G31M-VS2 (bought new one as my old one died)
8500gt (old and dying)
1024x768 monitor

I'm Stuck here,should i buy a 8800gt for this setup?
Or should i save a bit further for the new rig(entire system including monitor) that i plan to buy this november having ivybridge and 22nm GPU when prices go down.

I'm cant wait for such a long time with this crappy gpu,i play games like assassins creed brotherhood,battlefield 2 , call of duty 4 ,skyrim etc.

Would a 8800gt do me good for the while as ones available for $70 online which is the most i can afford right now,dont wanna spend much on this old pc,and cant extend my budget.

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  1. Don't spend that much on a 8800gt, look for a 6670 to hold you over for a little while until you are ready to upgrade your monitor/the rest of your build. They are pretty close in performance, but the 6670 sips power and doesn't require an auxiliary power connector. They can be found for about the same price. It will be plenty for 1024x768.
  2. but i hear 6670<8800gt

    They are on par with each other. The 6670 will also add dx11 support.
  4. Best answer

    Actually the 6670 is faster.
  5. but 6670 is at $100

    and 8800gt @ $70

    So how much of a difference is ther b/w them?
    And will my cpu bottleneck any one of them?
    This one is $85 or $65 after rebate and comes with free dirt3 game.

    There are also ddr3 versions which are in the $70 range (the performance will be a little worse)

    Your cpu will be fine.
  7. sweet,thanks
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  9. No problem.
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