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Want to Buy a new Graphics Card

I want to buy a new graphic card
but i am not sure which one nvidia or ati
and which model
my budget is around rs 3000
and would it be better if i buy a graphic card
with more memory or a decent graphic card and a 2GB RAM?
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  1. My config is

    AMD Phenom II X2 550 3.10Ghz
    Gigabyte GA-MA74GMT-S2
    2GB Transcend RAM
    1.8 TB HDD
    22" Samsung LCD Monitor
  2. I'm sorry I don't know how many rs3000 is, but try looking for a radeon 6850, 6870 or gtx560. They can fit your sytem quite well with a slight bottleneck to be honest
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    depends on what you want to do.
    if all you want to do basic stuff like web browsing and watching movies, a radeon hd 6450 1gb (around 3000 inr) would be okay. may be a radeon hd 6570 1 gb for around 4800-5000 inr.
    if you want to play games at your display's resolution, at least a radeon hd 6850 (around 10k-12k inr).
    make sure your psu is good enough to run a powerful gfx card.
    2 gb is enough for basic usage. 4 gb is better though.
    imo you should save up some more money and upgrade your whole pc later.
  4. buy GTX 550 Ti OC or 7770 OC 10cm fan~
  5. you should collect atleast rs 6000 to buy an good gpu and your system is ok upgrade it after 1 year or later not now its ok for now no need to upgrade now.


    they both are not an good card you but they are good in your budget first go and check computer hardware shop near you because they sell it cheaper.

    from which city you are? if mumbai then i should tell u from which shop to buy it.:)
  6. @de5_roy - thanx man it sure did help....... well now i am considering upgrading my
    system... but it will take me forever to save and even convince my folks to
    get me a new system

    @sunnk - well i cnt even aftr saving afford to send much on my graphics card.....
    yes i live in mumbai... i have been to lamington road once just to check
    out the prices....
    you know any better place?
  7. here are some good shops in lemington road just go and check the price.

    Computer Selection,Cassette World,Plug n Play etc there are many shops but there price is changing time by time go and check every hardware shop and u will find the cheaper price shop and Samvik also at the 1 floor of castle world.

    hope it helps:)
  8. For you your budget, try asking for 4670 or 4650 ddr3(just search in every shop in lamington, they must be lying in some shop, as the production has stopped).
  9. if you're too budget-constrained, then you should get a budget gfx card. unfortunately, decent gaming cards that can play games at 22" monitor's resolution starts from 10k-12k inr. however, you can get a cheap low end card for basic usage like very light gaming such as flash games, facebook games, watching youtube videos, dvd etc.
    budget gfx cards start from radeon hd 6570, 5670 to 5750, 6750, 5770, 6770 or geforce gts 450 (really old card). you'll have to play most games with settings lowered with a low end card.
    if you get cards like 5670 and higher, make sure your power supply can handle the gfx card. some cards require extra pcie power connector.
  10. the different choices i have (i thought nvidia was the better choice)
    1gb nvidia 210 - rs 1850
    1gb nvidia 520 - rs 2400

    2gb nvidia 210 - rs 2700
    2gb nvidia 520 - rs 2900

    are any of these good?
    or should i got for ati instead?
  11. for lower card you should get ati because they uses less power and gives nice performance in cheaper price check for hd 6570 or hd 6670 if u can get it.:)
  12. I think he would get HD 5450-5650 / HD 6450-65xx or even 66xx to max.

    also in laminton visit pc guide(great service and reliability but cost some more)/MacIT solutions from which I bought several of system.

    u should check numerious shops with budget cards and then decide about which one is good. I did the same. by the way the later one i sudgested was recemonded by my IT guy/comp engineer
  13. 08shantanu said:
    the different choices i have (i thought nvidia was the better choice)
    1gb nvidia 210 - rs 1850
    1gb nvidia 520 - rs 2400

    2gb nvidia 210 - rs 2700
    2gb nvidia 520 - rs 2900

    are any of these good?
    or should i got for ati instead?

    what are the ati cards you can afford? at your budget, you should get gfx cards with 1 gb ram (no more, no less) and save money.
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