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Help with graphics card decision (x79 build)

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April 23, 2012 1:53:04 PM

how is everyone today :) 
ok so far i have nearly completed my build, my specs thus far are
1. rampage iv extreme
2. corsair ax 850
3.nzxt switch 810
4. crucial m4 64gb
5. wd caviar black 500gb hdd
6. intel i7 3820
7. corsair h100
8. 16gb g-skill z 1866mhz ddr3 cl9.
9. optical drive/fans misc etc.

so this is my first build and i really quite fortunate to be able to have these parts avaiable to me. however i am slightly torn between graphics cards.
my uses will be for medium usages of gaming (mw3, Dota 2, BF3). i will also be doing Cad and photoshop work, picture editing and 3D redering.
3 monitors will be a future option and a 3D monitor could also be an immediate option. most likely around 1080p resolution. i know gtx 690 and 670 are probably coming on sale in early may (rumored) i am not willing to pay a premium (600++) for a 690 so its out of the question. however i do have the oppertunity to grab an XFX 7950 'DD' (not black edition, ill just OC anyway) for $310 USD brand new. or i could potentially get 2 of them for $600 usd give or take. as it stands a gtx 680 is $520 (non reference 2gb) and will perform less than Xfire 7950's. or should i just consider 1 hd 7950 for now and see how i go and then potentially add an extra card later down the line.

i am aware that (from what i have read) nvidia GPU drivers seem to be more consistently stable and less likely to give a 'headache' so too speak.
i am wanting to keep the graphics card/s for around 3 years + or - i am aware that 1 7950 could probably suit my needs fine, however i find that this deal doesnt come across often so i am know contemplating what is the best decision.

ive had a gtx 260 for quite some time, however i think it due for retirement soon :lol: 

any help and suggestions will be much appreciated and listened too!!

thankyou for your time :) 

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April 23, 2012 2:27:38 PM

I think the GTX 570 is currently the consumer card of choice for accelerating CAD and editing software. Couldn't tell you why, but all the major tools seem to support it, and I've seen numerous professional builds like this that employed them.

I'd probably go with a GTX 570 and look at getting a second for SLI later for additional rendering horsepower.

Keep in mind that the only professional tasks I use my computer for are software development related, which are all CPU bound tasks and I've never bothered with CUDA.
April 23, 2012 2:28:59 PM

Keep the 260 for now, there's no need to change it right away, and wait and see if you really need to change it.
April 23, 2012 3:24:25 PM

thank you for your suggestions and fast replies!
i am wanting to finish off my build and keep my old desktop as a backup (mainly for family use) so i cant really stay with only 1 graphics card for 2 desktops. i thought a 7950 might be worth the upgrade from gtx 570 as it is only roughly $50 more and has better performance and is newer technology. however do you think it is worth getting a 7950, or something of lesser performance. a 570 would be do-able.