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Question about Dual monitor with Radeon 6870

Hello! thanks for reading this is my ordeal,
I have the radeon 6870, I am attempting to run dual monitors, on the back of my pc are two outlets(I don't know what they're actually called but i'm sure you get it) for monitors, the first slot Is where I have my current monitor, but when I try to plug both monitors in, the one on the bottom outlet doesn't work, many people on different video cards(unreliable in a way) tell me that i'm doing something wrong with my graphics cards settings or my catalyst control center, which I don't believe because for one I have tried so many things to try to fix it in that manner and secondly the fact that i'm almost positive when I asked somebody with the same card that they said there was a special adapter that I need for the second one to work, and no it's not the standard DVI to VGA or vice versa(which promotes another problem, I'm not sure if my monitors are VGA to DVI or DVI to vga, one of thoes I am almost positive of but i'm not sure how to find out, help appriciated) it's something else thats an adapter that actualy comes with a cord, and that's what I'm here for I need to know what that cord is called and perhaps how much a decent one would be, thanks so much for your time and help is GREATLY appriciated
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    The adapter they are talking about is the Active DP adapter, that is only used to run eyefinity, however when running dual display make sure to plug them into ur pc in an order (VGA then DVI then HDMI then DP) that usualy sorts most problems.
    hope this helps
  2. Yes, This helps alot and thanks, but just to be sure this specific model would work, right?
  3. Yes it will work, you can use the passive one aswell, unless you use 3 screens active is not needed
  4. Thanks so much!
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