I5 3570k hd 4000 issues

I keep getting a error while installing my hd4000 graphics driver it says basically that my cpu doesn't support the technology...
Originally had no problems it would show up in bios and in device manager, now after 2months of use it no longer has the technology???.
my system goes as follows.
i5 3570k
maximus v gene z77
mushkin redline 8g
windforce gigabyte gtx 670.

thanks in advance
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  1. have you disabled it in bios?
  2. whats that Gigabyte like? does it heat up the case too much? I'm thinking of updating to a windforce x3.
  3. heats the case a little nothing major its probably because my case is cramped i need a new one.... the card itself is great not loud at all even with the fans turned up... a little long so make sure u have enough space in your rig for it... ( i had to MOD the case to fit it)

    oh yeah about the problem i have, i cant enable it in bios cause its NA... doesn't show any options to access it...

    i Never disabled it
  4. I've got an asus z77, and there is an option somewhere in there for disabling/enabling it, lucid logic will try to fiddle with it for you. I think that uefi bioses allow the OS to change things.
  5. i tried installing lucid logic the error i recieved was no integrated graphics found virtue MVP will now terminate ? imma check my bios again thak you
  6. I have the same problem, did you fix it (I saw you didn't reply for a long time)
    I have the same motherboard and cpu
  7. @hazenwood

    did you figure out a solution?

    I am stuck like you. Same set up. everything was working up to 2-4 weeks ago and nothing was touched in bios. Now i am forced to use a nvidia 8600gt for now till i find a solution to this crazy situation. bios option for using only the integrated graphics is disabled/grayed out.

    set up atm
    i5 3570k 3rd gen
    8gb hyper x kingston
    240gb ssd intel 330
    500w antec

    band aid graphics atm is nvidia 8600gt

    I really just wanted to use hd 4000 for 6 months or so then ill be upgrading to a radeon 7900 series.

    So other then hazenwood, does any1 else have any solutions that i can try? Thx in advance :D
  8. oh forgot to add mobo

    Asus P8Z77-M Pro
  9. Digging here because I have the same problem :
    MAximus V Gene (bios 1408)

    Problem : no HD graphics in Bios, nothing in device manager.
    "igpu graphics frequency" : N/A

    Did someone find any type of solution?
  10. is there a possibility that the mobos do not support 3rd gen i5 chip?
    i would contact mobo manufacturer for support.
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