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Feel disappointed from HD 7770 performance, now waiting for 7870

If the 7770 turn out good i would of buy it, but bad reviews so on to the next 7870.

When will the 7870 be out?
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    you can't expect too much power from x7xx as mid low class

    but i think it's not to shabby..
    trails 6850 very close.
    even beat 6850 in some benchmark..
    and left in the dust 5770/6770 in all bechmark.

    still worth to buy i think
  2. With all the new stuffs coming out i think 2GB GPU are require now...especially if you going Eyefinity or buy 2560 x 1440 and up monitors.

    So i am doing a future proof system with 2GB+ and PCIe 3.0 parts
  3. The 7770 is technically a good card just priced stupidly. Its designed to do what it does and if you want to push higher resolutions then to be frank looking at this level of card was pretty pointless in the first place.

    Mactronix :)
  4. Nah, i was waiting for the 7870 all along. just hope the 7770 do better then I wouldn't have to wait for the 7870. But i knew i was going to buy a 2GB GPU no matter what. Just that i also want a card with PCIe 3.0.

    The 7950 is everything i want but the price $450-$500 is a bit too high.
  5. You can buy a HD6850 at Newegg:
    - faster than a HD7770
    - cheaper than a HD7770, $140.00 with Free Dirt 3

    From a pure performance comparative, I don't see a point in buying this new card.
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