TV capture software? for Linux (ubuntu)

Hello dear friends as I am new to this forum and want your help for my first query,I hope the seniors will help me ?
I have Install Ubuntu 11.04 on my PC ,500GB HDD,Intel dual core-2.8, Nvidia grafix card 1Gb, 2GB memory DDR-2.
I want to install TV-Capture software as included don't help me finding nice capture software.Thanks
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  1. Please do note my Tuner card is simple named Odyssey. I get win-Dvr software with it. It works
    in window Xp very nice But now I Install Ubuntu linux OS as written above.I want the best capture
    soft. Thanks
  2. Mythbuntu

    both of them works great.Try them,if the software doesn't recognize your card please provide the details of your tv-tuner
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