Researching a new build: How long does it take?

Hey Tom Community,

I was wondering how long it took you guys to research a new build. I mean everything from the time you decide you want to build another computer to the day you have a final design and are waiting for your check to clear to throw money at it.

The days in the poll does not mean that you spend 8 hours on it. I just mean between life, work, family etc how much "time" does it take you?

It takes me typically one week, but I build a little more than yearly.
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  1. I think it depends on the person. It always takes me over a week, just because I go over every part and make sure there isn't a cheaper/better option. I have to weigh price/performance, looks, read overclocking reviews, check the warranties etc. It's a long and meticulous process for me :D
  2. Took me about a month, but I was completely out of the PC world, so if you keep up with the day to day PC tech news, I imagine it would take much less time.
  3. Not an answer on the list that applies to me but I guess it more like I goto and every day so when it comes time to actually purchase I can pick out what I want in 15 min now cost is the only thing that might make me look around for a few days...

  4. I typically decide I'm going to build several months ahead of actually doing it; it keeps the wife happier about me buying stuff, and also prevents spontaneous upgrades. I also rarely do full builds for myself, I'll upgrade case/psu at one point, and ram/mobo/cpu at another, and video card at another, though this isn't really the best way to do things since it occasionally leaves me with outdated interfaces.
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