Green vertical lines on Dell laptop screen during video

I'm not sure this is a 'graphics cards' problem but I'm hoping someone can tell me if I belong on another sub-category site. So here goes with my problem.

I am using a Dell laptop which ran out of warranty last month (figures!). When I try to view SOME video's the whole video screen lights up with green vertical lines. You can see some movement where I think there are people moving around. The green lines are various widths.

I am on AOL and their videos are sharp and clear. When I go to other sites this is when the problem occurs, but even then some are fine.

Does anyone think they might have a solution? I'd sure appreciate any help.
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  1. this may be graphics card problem, and also can be a monitor problem, like you are using a notebook, the best thing you can do is send it to a Dell store.
  2. Maybe, you need to update the drivers, because this is maybe caused because of broken/unstable drivers.

    If it's not, it's maybe the Screen or the Graphics card who have the problem, tell dell or someone good at computer (computer services) to replace your graphic card or to fix your monitor.
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    Surely we can assist you.
    Please shut down the laptop n then restart the system and on dell logo Tap F2 2-3 times it will take you to the Bios Screen.
    IF the Same issue is seen on Dell Logo when it boots up IF not then stay in BIOS screen for 10 or 15 minutes .
    You can also try if you got known good external monitor .
    These steps will help to isolate the issue is related to Graphic card or LCD screen .
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