Graphics card short circuit???

Hey Guys...
I am so confused with this problem i recently had with my pc.. It was built by myself, Please see specs below

Artic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Thermal Compound 3.5 grams (THP-AS)
Logitech Desktop MK120 - Keyboard - USB - mouse (920-002586)
Samsung SH-222AB/BEBS Internal 22x DVD Burner - SATA
Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKX 500GB 7200 RPM
Corsair XMS3 4GB Memory 2x 2GB Kit, PC3-10600
Gigabyte Setto II 142 Mid ATX Tower Case
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition, 3.20GHz, Quad Core,
Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P Motherboard - AMD AM3+
OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply
ASUS GeForce GTX 560 DirectCU Video Card - GDDR5 1GB 256-Bit VRAM

Ive had this for a few months now and up until recently everything was fine.. Im using stock cooling ATM for my processor and it is total crap however it has been with in safe temp ranges idle around 40 degrees under load in BF3 about 56 degrees, I have noticed that just surfing through the internet especially facebook pictures that my cpu fan spikes so quickly up to like 6000rpm aswell as the heat but within a second it is back to normal... I have been abit concerned but dismissed it as i am purchasing a Hyper 212 fan soon.. (this is off topic but may be linked somehow)
Now today i wake up my PC from sleep mode and i noticed a weird like burning smell and my Graphics card fan revving highly for a few seconds??? the pc booted up fine however i proceeded to shut it down and decided to vacuum the inside to get the little dust which was inside the case.. and with closer inspection i noticed a odd colour appearance on the back side of my GTC 560 where the fan of the GPU connects the board of the GPU i noticed abit of black burnt solder and blew it away i then continue to inspect the back of the card and notice like this sticky green and yellow stuff on various parts of the GPU board i wiped it off with a lint free clothe and the smell was almost toxic?? i thought it may have been thermal paste but there is no way it is possible for it to get there?? it was like it was guts from some kind of bug and it was the same smell i smelt when booting up the PC it was horrific.. i also noticed evidence of like little black/brown oval specs which could of resembled cockroach droppings?? but i was unable to find any evidence of a cockroach body or anything?? After reinserting the card and connecting everything back up i decided to reboot the pc.. It started find however the monitor wasnt getting a signal from the card please note this happens time from time when i wake up from sleep mode.. i usually have to do a hard shutdown by holding the power button on the computer and starting it up again... anyway this time i decided to just plug it into the other DVI slot which is free on my card it detected the mouse on the screen but the rest was just black so i hard shut down and started up with no troubles.. The computer and Card seem to be running fine except i have noticed that the IDLE temp of the GPU is up 20 degrees from usual normal idle temp is low to mid 30's right now it is idling at 50-55 with only firefox open i have checked the GPU and the fan is spinning and CPUID hardware monitor states it is spinning at 33% with 1560rpm at 52 degrees..

My question is what do i do now?? I have and never had no artifacting or problems with random shutdowns on reboots the card has never crashed only ONCE during BF3 but that was a direct x 11 error.. I thought maybe my PSU was to blame spking to much current as this could maybe explain the CPU fan revving its brains out from time to time but surely this would have cause major damage to other components like cpu ect?? if the card was short circuited out surely it wouldn't be working now?
At the moment im a bit devastated because I know my card is putting off alot more heat and will probably start to affect THE pc health eventually.. all parts are still under warranty but don't want to replace the card just for it to happen again and still be left out in the cold to what the problem is.. is it possible for cards to have issues which in turn need to be replaced or is this rare?

Big post i know anyhelp appreciated thankyou
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  1. is your pc well ventilated?
    maybe your gtx 560 was not getting a lot of air
  2. It has a front exhaust fan and a rear 120mm exhaust fan aswell..
    i did think of this but surely i would of ran into problems earlier?? i was always checking idle and load temps and the card was always performing excellent..
    even on hot days my card never went above 69 degrees :S
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