Gigabyte Ud5h z77 Aftermarket Heatsink

I just built my first system and purchased the wrong aftermarket heatsink and fan. The coolermaster hyper 212 plus didnt fit into it. I currently have the new i5 ivy bridge processor to it. Any suggestions to the type of aftermarket heat sink that will fit my motherboard?
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  1. That heatsink should fit most if not all LGA sockets..
    I think you have to adjust some screws or something like that..
  2. Theres actual components on the motherboard that block the backplate from being able to be screwed in. Not sure exactly what they are but not like the ram slots or pci express slot.
  3. You mean capacitors and heatsinks, is the coolermaster heatsink held up by the heatpipes connected to a copper block?

    Have you tried turning it to see if it fits?
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