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Hey guys,

I have a Macbook Air sitting here on my desk that is having some display issues. When the computer boots up I get blue lines, almost like a blue tinted test pattern. When I apply pressure to the bezel just inside of both hinges, the display corrects until I remove pressure. This leads me to believe that I need to replace the LVDS cable, but I don't want to go ahead until I've heard your opinions on it.

If anyone has done this kind of repair, do you have any tips or hints?

Thanks guys
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  1. You probably won't need to replace it, just reseat it and make sure it's secured in place :)
  2. I opened it up and I do in fact need to replace the cable. It was a pretty involved process, not difficult, but time consuming. For everyone reading this, the most difficult part is not bending the bezel when you remove it.
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