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I'M looking at buying a gaming computer for my son and found this one. Would this be a good buy considering he plays those demanding games like wow etc...

Specifications --500GB Hard Drive, Windows 7, Keyboard, Mouse, Intel Core i7 3.40 Ghz Processor, 8 GB Memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti Graphics Card, CD/DVD Drive - LG super multi, PORTS- HDMI, 12USB, Ehernet, mouse and keypad, SPDIF out, Power eSATA, VGA and DVI. AUDIO PORTS - line in, 2 mic in, headphones out, front, side rear and bas outputs, CASE- Cooler Master.
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  2. Yes, that will play WoW very easily...and also alot of other demanding games
  3. First thing to look for in a gaming rig is your discreet video card.

    Then, look at your discreet video card. And finally, take a good look at your discreet video card.

    Along the way, be sure to check the PSU that powers the discreet video card.
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